Sue's Sure Shot

Sue's Sure Shot


Wild Prickly Pear Scented Candle

Sue was a sharpshooting, bronco-busting business woman who could hold her own against any respectable cowboy. Let’s toast to her free spirit and fearless attitude.

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About This Candle

Our Bronco Sue inspired candle is a 2oz soy and beeswax candle with wooden wick. Each candle comes in a reusable metal shot glass. The Wild Prickly Pear scent is sweet and fruity with a hint of wood.

Dimensions: 2" x 2.25"
Wax: Soy & Beeswax Blend for Clean Consistent Burn
Fragrance Notes: Fruits, Apple-butter, Wood


Reuse The Shot Glass


    Toss the candle into the freezer overnight

  2. TAP

    Next, take the candle out of the freezer, flip it upside down and tap the bottom and sides until the wax falls out

  3. WARSH

    Using warm soap and water, scrub the glass until it’s been cleaned thoroughly

  4. DRINK

    Pour yourself your favorite favorite spirit and enjoy.

The Legend of Bronco Sue

This is a story about a woman as wild as the New Mexican landscape. After immigrating with her family from Whales, Bronco Sue Yonkers travelled the Wild West until she eventually “settled” in Southern New Mexico.

While in Nevada, Sue learned how to sharpshoot and ride horses from her family. By the age of 15, she was on her way to California with her new husband and two children. Mining was tough work and it wasn’t long before the couple fell victim to a raid. During the raid, Sue used her sharpshooting skills to save her wounded husband skin. It wasn’t long after that, the mine went dry.

Before she was 21, Sue had moved back to Nevada finding work as a cattle rustler. After escaping a handful of shootouts and courtrooms, Sue fled to Colorado. Here she worked a stagecoach line for a while before eventually moving south to New Mexico.

Bronco Sue opened and closed a saloon in Wallace, White Oaks and Socorro, NM. While moving to White Oaks, she met Robert Black. A man who would help her open up a saloon and help bury her deceased husband. They left White Oaks for Socorro and again opened a saloon. It wasn’t long before Black lost the saloon. Sue had survived her fair share of raids and gunfights, so she didn’t have much patience for stupid. The couple got into a drunken argument resulting in Black spending the night in the clink. The next morning, the Marshall warned him not to return home because Sue was ready to shoot him dead in the doorway. And... she did just that.

Sue moved away from Socorro but not away from trouble. In the booming town of Tularosa NM, she got a job breaking and training horses. In this town, she would get her moniker Bronco Sue. The harlot again found herself in a love triangle between a married man and a young suiter. Ultimately, this love story ended in a duel leaving one man dead and Sue on the move again - finally finding quiet refuge in the badlands of Arizona.

Bronco Sue was a sharpshooting, bronco-busting traveller who could hold her own against any respectable cowboy. Let’s toast to her free spirit and fearless attitude toward life.


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